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Elite Training

In response to a growing interest in competitive gymnastics, Gymworld launched the GW Elites Competitive Program in 2012. Starting at as young as age four, GW Elites is designed for female athletes who are passionate about gymnastics and ready to commit more time and effort to their physical and skill development.

A couple of GW Elites girls on a podium.

Great Coaches

Coached by our high-level instructors, GW Elites helps participants grow into strong, skilled and confident athletes as they progress in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG). Our goal is to empower athletes to learn and pursue their personal aspirations and to establish and set goals through the sport of gymnastics. Not only do our gymnasts hone their physical capacities and gymnastics skills, but they also develop courage, perseverance and pride.

A GW Elites gymnast representing her club at a competion.  

Supportive Community

Most importantly, gymnasts in our program experience a strong sense of community. As part of the GW Elites program, your daughter will join a team of supportive girls who will cheer her on through the ups and downs of training, competition, and life in general. Girls forge a strong bond with their coaches and other athletes, giving rise to the term Gymworld Family.

A GW Elites coach looks on as one of her competitive gymnasts presents at the end of her vault routine at a competion.  

Wide Range of Programming

The GW Elites team offers a range of different Gymnastics Ontario competitive programming year-round, including pre-competitive, ODP, Xcel, and both compulsory and optional provincial level streams. A tryout is required to determine acceptance and placement.

Coach congratulates her GW Elites gymnast after her bar routine at a competion.  


Great place. Amazing staff. My daughters self confidence has skyrocketed, since joining. I highly recommend. ☆☆☆☆☆

- Sheena Bean Allie, the Competitive Co-Ordinator and two GW Elites girls, posing on the podium.


Great coaches, great families and just the best intentions for all those training.

- Gymworld Parent
A GW Elites coach looks on as one of her competitive gymnasts presents at the end of her bars routine at a competion.


Both daughters love this place to bits. Great instructors, very clean and large equipment rooms. We are on our second year going into our third and love it!

David Terner GW Elites gymnasts with their medals on a podium at a competion.

Gymnastics taught me everything - life lessons, responsibility and discipline and respect.

- Shawn Johnson, Olympic Medalist (x4) and World Champion (x3) GW Elites gymnast with other gymnasts on a podium, medals and all, at a competion.

More Information

For more information about Gymworld Elites, please email

GW Elites gymnast performing a split with a ring.