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Gymnastics is unsurpassed in its ability to develop strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination as well as concentration, persistence, social skills and self-discipline, all of which form a strong foundation for lifelong activity, health and success.

-- Our Spring Session registration for current/past members and their siblings, begins on Monday, February 10th, 2020. For New Members, registration begins on Monday, February 17th, 2020. Our Spring Session classes will start the week of April 13th - 19th and will run until the week of June 16th - 22nd. There are NO CLASSES scheduled for Monday, May 18th (Victoria Day). Hope you can join us this Spring!! To inquire about availability or to register for the Spring session, please call (519)474-4960 or email info@gymworld.ca.

-- Our March Break Camp 2020 registration began on Monday, January 27th. Please visit our website for the March Break Camp Form. Please call (519)474-4760 or email your camp forms to info@gymworld.ca to register for our March Break Camp. Come spend your break with us!

-- Our Summer Camp 2020 registration will begin on Monday, February 10th. Please visit our website for the Summer Camp Form which is posted under the Summer Camp tab and available to print, please call (519)474-4960 or email registration forms to info@gymworld.ca to register for this summer!

-- P.A./P.D. Day Adventures for 2019/2020 school season are available - please register via email at info@gymworld.ca or in person during office hours starting September 9th. Dates for PD Camps are all on a Friday - starting with Friday, September 27th. The next ones will be on October 25th, November 15th, January 24th, March 6th & June 5th.

-- Last day of classes for our Winter Session will begin on Friday, April 3rd, Sunday, April 5th - 9th and Saturday, April 11th.

Click Here or click the "Classes" tab on the upper left side of this page to view our Spring Session class schedule.

Please carefully read the following NEW Registration Process for Classes:

Online registrations made without payment will be "held" for 5 days. If payment is not received online nor through the office (either in person or over the phone) within those 5 days the registration will be deleted by the system. This is an automated process. If you need to make special arrangements for payment for any reason, it is your responsibility to make contact with the office WELL BEFORE your 5 day deadline. When there are 24 hours remaining before deletion the system will send an email reminder with a link to our site so you can easily pay online. The office may not be open during those final 24 hours so online payment may be your only option at that point. All successful online payments receive two detailed email confirmations, one from our site and one from PayPal. Once a registration is deleted, an additional email will be sent by the system indicating that the spot in the class has been removed.

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